What’s The Best Employer Review Website On The Internet Today?

Employment review sites are a very important part of your job search as they allow you to find out what a prospective company is like to work for.  Too often career coaches meet candidates who have joined a company, only to find out the culture is suitable.  If you’d done your research previously, you’ll know the company culture and wouldn’t be in this situation.

How To Use Employer Review Sites

So what is the best employer review sites on the internet?  This is actually a very difficult question.  Below are ten of my favorites, however it’s a great idea to take the answers to these company reviews with a pinch of salt, especially if it’s a terrible comment.  Generally when a candidate has just been sacked, they head over to their favourite employer review sites and give a bad review….!!

Three Uses

Employer review websites come in all shapes and sizes.  Typically, there are three key uses.

Firstly there are websites such as LinkedIn.com.  While it’s not strictly an employer review site, it allows you to see who has worked for a specific company within your network.  

If for example, you were looking at a position with Pepsico, you could search through your network for connections that have worked at Pepsico, reach out to them and ask them directly for their experience.  This is a great way to find out what the company culture is really like for a specific company.

Salary & Company Reviews

Secondly there are websites such as Glassdoor which while has moved into different areas, fundamentally resolves around salary information and company reviews.  The website allows you to read anonymous reviews on over 600,000 companies worldwide and search for salary information for specific positions across the world.

Thirdly and probably most importantly, you can use these employer review sites to find information.  Typically, in any job interview you attend, the dreaded what do you know about my company, question will come up at some point.  If you have not prepared for your job interview and know little or nothing about the company, this will be a difficult question to answer.  Other than looking at the company website, employer review sites are a great way to to gain a valuable insight into the company.

Employer Review Sites


LinkedIn.com – is not strictly a true employer review website, however there is a wealth of information across the site.  The main benefit of using LinkedIn is to be able to filter your connections for people who have worked for a specific company.  The idea is then to reach out to them directly for their thoughts on a specific company. The same strategy can be used with your job search.  Rather than reaching out to your connections looking for company information, you could reach out to your connections looking for the right hiring manager.  For more information on job search strategies, check out the job search page here.


The Job Crowd – The Job Crowd is a UK focused, employer review and career advice website.  It contains a wealth of information on companies, careers and career advice.  Unlike many employer review sites on this list, The Job Crowd specifically aims at the UK market, and more importantly, at graduate and apprentice employers.The platform allows you to search for company reviews from hundreds of companies, salary information from a range of different companies from highest paid jobs, to companies ranked by sector and provides a vast array of career advice a job search strategies specifically aimed for UK graduates.If you’re a UK Graduate looking for your first position, this should be a website that you’ve reviewed before your first interview.


Monster Jobs –  is a well-known international job board with jobs from over 50 countries across the world.  Over the years, its developed itself into a one-stop-shop for everything career related, and employer review profiles are part of it.

The problem with monster, its a one-stop-shop for everything career related, and not a specific employer review platform. Yes it contains a company profiles section, however its more useful to find out information about a company, rather than whats it like to work their.

If i was doing research on a company, its defiantly somewhere i would be looking, but maybe not at the top.


GlassDoor – is probably the largest, and most developed career and employer review platform on the internet today.  While the website has moved into different areas, it fundamentally resolves around salary information and company reviews while the career community offers a look inside some of the largest company and best careers.

The key for Glassdoor, the information is all “employee generated” to include anonymous salaries, company reviews, job profiles and interview questions. Glassdoor should be your first point of call for any and all employer related information.


Vault.com – was set up as a direct competitor to Glassdoor above, but over the last few years has tried to broaden itself into more of a career advice website by offering job, career advice and company news.

While Vault offers a wealth of company information from it’s career community, it also shows information such as Vaults Top Companies to work for, and top careers within a specific field.


Career Bliss – is part of the new breed of employer review sites and comes with a wealth of information. The website has been set-up as a one stop shop for job seekers looking for information on an employer.The information provided is partly community driven and partly contains company information provide by the careerbliss team to include salary data including salary by position, in-depth salary comparisons to the national average and geographical averages and a “Bliss Score” that takes into account multiple user-generated data points, such as job satisfaction, pay-scale and overall employee happiness to calculate the “Bliss Score”.One point, the job board may contain eight million job listings, 4 million salary comparisons, and millions of real company reviews written by real employees, but it’s very US based. There is very little information on international companies outside the US.


Comparably – is one of the best employer websites for understanding position compensation and what the workplace culture is really like. The website focuses around three key areas. Workplace culture that has been rated from real employees to show what it’s really like to work for a company. Salaries and compensation that includes specific demographics, including gender, ethnicity, age, location, years of experience, company size, title/department, and education, and workplace studies that include real information that’s actually useful to your career search.

As an examples of a work place study, Comparably have published the 15 Most Popular Jobs in Tech for Non-Techies, that not only lists the positions, their salaries, the compensation by gender, ethnicity and location across.

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