Career Zone: The Five Fastest Growing Careers in the Medical Profession

Most careers in the medical profession are predicted to rise at a higher rate than normal. Most of this growth is encouraged by the ever growing and ageing population which places a higher demand for skilled and qualified professionals for several health care positions.

The all-important medical careers: doctors, registered nurses, and several other relevant careers are included here, but several other not-too-popular careers to consider exist in the medical profession.

Personal and Home Health Care Aides

Health Educators

Job positions for home health care and personal aides are expected to rise at a 70% growth rate by 2020. Home-care and personal aides are known to work in their clients’ homes providing them with such services as bathing, monitor important health signs, and help in the distribution of medications.

Most positions in this career require a high school diploma; there are post-secondary programs and certifications available which can be very beneficial for the qualification of applicants for open positions. As a professional in one of these positions, you can expect to earn an annual average income of £21,580.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

It is estimated that in the field of diagnostic medicine, there will be a growth rate of about 43.5% by 2020. A diagnostic medical sonographer uses specialized medical equipment to get pictures of human body parts which aids medical practitioners carry out accurate diagnosis on patients’ medical conditions. Areas of specialization in this career include breast, cardiac, musculoskeletal, neurosonology, obstetrics, and vascular.

On the completion of an associate’s post-secondary certification program, a qualified diagnostic sonographer can fit into hospital positions in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices; a qualified sonographer can earn a yearly income of about $68,320. Don’t fail to see our article on the easiest way to land a job in a similar field, as a qualified ultrasound technician.

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapist Aides

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapist Aides (1)

By the year 2020, job openings for occupational therapists are expected to rise by 33.5% while occupational therapists assistant job openings are expected to rise by 43.3% within the same period. Occupational therapists assist patients with treatment, recovery and skill improvements and developments as a result of illness, injury, or disability. They work in offices and home health settings.

By using therapeutic techniques, patients will be able to recover fully in order to be able to carry out their official duties and live normal lives again. Therapists working in this career can earn up to $70K annually and are expected to have at least an associate degree.

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapist Aides

When it comes to physical therapies, physical therapists assist patients who are recovering from an injury or sickness to manage their pains and improve their physical movements. For patients with long-term health conditions, an injury, or a chronic disease, physical therapy is very important in their treatments and overall rehabilitation.The field of physical therapy will record an increase of 37% by 2020, and physical therapy aides and assistants job openings will increase by 42%. A Physical therapist with a professional degree or doctorate can earn up to $72,310 yearly, while assistant physical therapists with an associate degree from an accredited program can earn up to $34,710 per annum.

Health Educators

Personal and Home Health Care Aides

Careers in health education are some of the careers that are expected to increase in demand at a much faster rate than the average. Job positions for health educators are expected to increase by 36.5% by 2020, which is much higher than the average rate throughout the U.S.Health educators who are qualified and skilled and possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree are one of those professions that are expected to increase faster than the average rate. Health educator positions will increase by 36.5 percent through 2020, which is higher than the average for all positions in the United States. Ina health educator position, a skilled and knowledgeable professional with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree earns up to $44,000 yearly.Working in doctor’s offices, non-profit, government organizations, or in business, health educators assist all kinds of people with several health problems and issues to provide knowledge about their health conditions and develop plans that assist in taking healthy decisions. In the health care system, health education is becoming an indispensable part of the system to reduce the cost of health care through preventive measures.

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