What Job Should I Do? It Depends on Whether You’re An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Assuming we have 12 hours a day awake, It’s estimated that the average person spends close to 2,000 hours out of the average 3,000 hours in a year at work. That’s close to 70% of your time spent at your workplace.
With half your life spent at your workplace, you should enjoy your job.

Many people are depressed and frustrated because they’re stuck at the wrong type of job. It would help if you looked for a job that best suits your personality. The ease with which you do your job and how much you enjoy your day is influenced by your personality.

How you think, how you socialize, what energizes or drains you, are all part of your personality and make you a better candidate for certain jobs. It’s possible to take up any job irrespective of your personality type. However, it’s much more enjoyable when you pursue a job that’s best suited for your innate characteristics, and your chances of succeeding will be higher.

So what’s your personality? There are two broad types of personalities: Introverts and Extroverts.

What is an Introvert

Most introverts come across as timid antisocial but this perception isn’t quite accurate. A typical Introvert;

  • Socialize better on a one-on-one basis rather than in groups or gatherings. They connect more deeply with people because of their ability to focus on each relationship.
  • Will feel energized when they have some time to themselves. It’s not strange to find an introvert taking a walk by themselves, listening to some music, or going away by themselves to spend some quiet time reading a book. When they lack time alone, it leaves an introvert feeling drained and frustrated.
  • They prefer to work independently rather than in teams. Open-space work arrangement, for instance, is not conducive for an introvert to be productive.
  • Are perceptive of non-verbal communication or the mood of a place because they’re more observant.
  • Naturally make great listeners and easily empathize with others.

With this in mind, many jobs are better suited for introverts. Let’s look at a few great matches.

5 Great Jobs for Introverts


The work of a Psychologist is primarily to understand how their patients’ process information, and their coping mechanism.
They give guidance to improve an individual’s ability to approach life’s problems and treat any mental health issues.

Average Salary: £ 34,500 per year

Technical Writer

A technical writer breaks down complex information into digestible content. They’re involved in creating content for manuals or guides, websites, and how-to articles. Other related jobs include content management, social media marketing, copywriting, and creative writing

Average Salary: £ 62,500 per year

Accounting Manager

Introverts are great at being systematic, recording data, and interpreting reports. This is exactly what makes them perfect for accounting-related jobs. Accountants need to be comfortable with crunching numbers.
Being an Accounting Manager involves, creating systems around how financial data is input, generating reports from this data, analyzing it, and making it useful for decision making within an organization.

Average Salary: £ 73,910 per year


An Architect designs a buildings plan and guides the execution of the design plan. Many introverts are naturally creative and would enjoy focusing intensely on a project as they solve a building design puzzle. Introverts will do well also as an Artist or Graphic Designer

Average Salary: £ 69,842 per year

IT Manager

This job involves planning, budgeting, and securing the technology infrastructure of an organization. They also ensure that all technology-related challenges or queries are addressed promptly. Most IT-related jobs would work great for Introverts because they mostly involve independent work and problem-solving activities.

Average Salary: £ 42,500 per year

What is an Extrovert

When you enter a room, an extrovert is likely to be the guy standing at the center of the room, animatedly telling a story to a bunch of people. Extroverts can be described as;

  • Outgoing and unlike introverts, they feel energized by spending time with other people.
  • They can handle high-pressure jobs without getting too stressed out by multiple tasks or by people interactions.
  • Work better in teams and can help build a positive team spirit.
  • Are easy to approach.
  • Easily talk about their problems and try to get solutions from others.
  • Because of their personality, Extroverts may attempt to fit into any job but just like Introverts, to avoid quick work burn out they’re better off with Jobs that utilize their strength. Here are few examples

Five Great Jobs for Extroverts

HR Manager

HR Managers have the key task of ensuring employees can work at their optimum. The role involves several responsibilities such as

  • Salary & related plans and conversations
  • Promotions
  • Hiring & Firing of employees
  • Handling Work disputes
  • Team Cohesion activities
  • Represent the employee to the employer and Vice Versa

Average Salary: £ 48,182 per year

Sales Representative

Sales representatives ensure the organization’s products or services are being bought. There are sales targets which you must achieve consistently, to keep your job. In many cases, sales representatives are paid commissions when they achieve certain targets.

This job involves talking to many people and convincing them to buy your product or service. Sales representatives need to be resilient and not get discouraged when clients reject the offer. This is perfect for extroverts because they socialize easily and don’t take matters too personally. A lost sale is not likely to put off an extrovert.

Average Salary: Varies widely with each industry and commission structure.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants have a responsibility to make passengers feel comfortable when on the flight. That could vary from serving them food & drink to giving an extra blanket if the air conditioning is too cold.

It requires an ability to deal with all sorts of demands, outrageous or not, in a respectably. Flight Attendants need to regularly hold conversations to help passengers feel at ease on the flight or to answer their questions or complaints.

Average Salary: £ 17,909 per year


This job is a combination of both medical training and people skills. Nurses have several responsibilities which include;

  • Monitoring patients’ symptoms
  • Giving patients their medication
  • Ensuring patients eat the appropriate diet.
  • Assisting with medical procedures
  • Helping patients who can’t do things for themselves
  • Conversing with patients to help them feel comfortable

Average Salary: £ 25,558

Event Planner

Event planning requires an ability to source for and manage different vendors to achieve a well- flowing event. Responsibilities may vary from managing the budget for the event to sending out the invites, and managing the guest list.

People skills are vital for this role as you have to deal with your client, suppliers, and possibly the invitees as well. You also need to be the kind of person that has their ear on the ground concerning the latest trends in the events industry. For that, you have to be sociable.

Average Salary: £ 24,293

Final Thoughts

I’m sure there are a lot more roles for introverts and extroverts, however whats important is that you get the right role for your personality type. Remember and extrovert job such as a sales manager will be very difficult to achieve success for a introvert.

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