10 Free Websites to Build A Creative CV Online

Personally I’m not convinced sending a “link” to your creative CV is the right way to approach the CV writing process and in turn, the job search.  That said, I know many creative and technology recruiters who are regularly are sent both traditional CV’s and creative online CV’s from their candidates.

For the right industry I am sure it works well, however just because you think your creative CV looks amazing, doesn’t mean that everyone will. If you’re going to send your creative CV to potential employers, I would heavily advise you to collect some feed-back before you start sending it out.

Below are 10 Creative CV platforms that will allow you to build a creative Online CV. 

About Me


About.me allows you to create an online presence, which can then be connected to other personal sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Within your personal online web presence you can add both pictures and a profile allowing visitors to immediately find everything they want to know about you.



LinkedIn is an International networking site with over 200 million users. LinkedIn in allows you to create an online profile, add links to reports, links, add slide shows and ask for references from your network.



Picto CV is an online platform that helps you design and create a personalized online info-graphic, which you can then send out to potential employers. As per their website, Napoleon Bonaparte once stated, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. PictoCV is your pictorial resume, minus the thousand words. One problem, its not free with prices starting at $9 per month.



Prezi is an Online Whiteboard similar to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to prepare online slides that could be used to create an online creative resume.



Vizualize.Me is another creative resume platform that allows you to show of your skills. The major focus of this website is to focus on individual design.

Visual CV

VisualCV Maker

Visual CV is a slightly different take on the creative resume platform above. Visual CV allow you to include both Video or just Audio into your personal profile and then share publicly and privately using your unique domain name.


XING – For a better working life

Xing is very similar to LinkedIn given that it’s a social networking site that allows you to create an online profile and then use this to apply for jobs from the site. The slight difference is that Xing has turned itself into more of a career advice platform offering jobs and careers, career advice and project work.

Please let me know if you use any of these and which you think are the best. As always, If you need some help with your creative CV, I’m happy to review if you leave it in comments below or email it directly to me.

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