Job Search Strategies: 35 Technology Job Boards To Find Your Next Job

As we’ve discussed across the job search strategies for 2020, you shouldn’t be relying on job boards to find your next job, that said, if they play a part in your job search, it’s better to look at niche job boards rather than general, mass job aggregators.

If you’re looking for a job in technology, we have you covered with 37 technology and IT related job boards from across the world.

androidjobs is a pure Android focused job board with a range of the latest Android developer and engineer jobs from across the world, although the focus seems to be the UK and the USA. One feature we do like is the remote job section. The job board is up-to-date, however there are a limited number of jobs.​

angel was developed as a start-up database, however recently a has developed a tech related job board. At time of writing, there are over 26,000 technology related jobs in a range of start-ups across the world. Positions range from Developer’s to designers and product managers.

USA focused and designer/developer focused with thousands of jobs from across the USA. It’s a highly recommended job board given the search function which allows you the usual position and location, but also the type of company (Start-up to Large Organisation) and position level (Student to Chief Officer). Highly recommended.


ClearanceJobs is the largest security-cleared focused job board specializing in defense and intelligence jobs for professionals with security clearance. It’s USA focused, however the search function allows you to quickly sort through specialist areas of focus, and even clearance level. The results are up-to-date and there are thousands of jobs across the country.


CrunchBoard is the official job board of the start-up focused that has a world-wide audience of over 12 million readers each month. The job board is technology focused, however contains a wide range of jobs across the world. We specifically like the daily newsletters and social channels showing the latest positions across the job board.


Datajobs is a USA focused technology job board that focuses purely on Data Science, Analytics and Big Data Technology Jobs. Within this niche, there are literally thousands of jobs across a broad range of locations. Positions range from your usual programmers and developers, but there also jobs in machine learning and statistics.


Rather than focusing on positions, focuses on companies with a range from start-up or recent start ups across the country. Its a full job board with a range of technology related jobs from Finance and Accounting to Programmers and developers


Itjobcafe has tried to separate itself by being both a niche information technology job board with a range of roles across this space and a place where recruiters can search for candidates based on e-interactions with both employers and software engineers.


As per their website, IT Job Pro is ranked as the second largest IT Job site in America and used by over 2M candidates across the USA. It’s very technology focused, but with a range of jobs from both start-ups to Dow Jones companies.


Github brings together the world’s largest community of developers to share, and build software. GithubJobs is the job board behind the website, however its nothing special. It focuses on developers and programmers, and while it does have a few jobs, they don’t seem to up date very often.

jobs start life as a promising technology job board with a range of positions from across the world. Today it seems to be more of a technology focused job board aggregator. It’s not up to date and doesn’t seem to have many recent jobs advertised.


Wphired focus exclusively on the website platform, There are literally thousands of full time, part time and even internship positions across the world. It focused directly towards programmer and developer’s, of which many can also be worked remotely.

Mashable Job Board


Mashable is one of the largest technology related blogs across the internet and this is the jobs section of that website. At time of writing, their over 40K jobs in a rnage of disciplines from the standard developer and programmers to techology sales and project managers

jobsmatchskills is one of the better, broad technology job boards across the internet with thousands of current jobs from across the job technology market. Very USA focused


If you’re a Ruby programmer, this should be a key job baord in your arsenel. Rubynow has thousands of Ruby related developer and softwhere engineer jobs from across the USA and those companies that requrie remote candidates.


Updated – Doesn’t seem to be updating any longer

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Stackoverflow was originally developed as a Q&A forum designed specifically for IT professionals. More recently, it has been developed into a fully fledged job board with thousands of jobs from across the world.  It’s focused towards developers, however there are lots of other IT related jobs


Whilst TopTechjobs is focused towards UK and the USA there are a selction of jobs from across the world on a broad range of technical abilities from Developers and programmers to business analysts.


Started in 2014, is focused towards tech related jobs across the USA, but specifically in New York and San Francisco. It works slightly differently than man job baords given it requires you to complete an application form, from which relevant jobs will be shown to you.


Behance is probably the largest website in the world for designers to showcase & discover creative work. This is the job board behind it and cover a range of jobs from UX designers, to Graphic designers, to Lightroom editors and website designers. Very up to date with thousands of jobs from across the world.



Dice started life as a technology blog, however over the years has developed into full scale job board with a range of positions across the programmer, developer remits. Like many technology job boards, it’s very USA focused.

Digital.NYC is one of New York best start-up focused websites specialising on the start scene in New York. The jobs section is attached and like the site, specialises in a broad range of technology jobs across NY. Unlike many tech sites, Digital.NYC has a broad range of jobs from sales and customer services, to programmers and systems admins.


Geekwork is the job board behind GeekWire a fast growing technology news site with a focus on breaking news, expert analysis and unique insights into the technology industry. The job board is okay, but nothing special


iCrunchdata is one of the oldest technology related job board dating back to 2003, however it doesn’t seem to have stayed up to date in recent years. A quick look at the job board reveals thousands of jobs, but very little are recent.


Pure technology related job aggregator. Its seems the majority of jobs direct back to Glassdoor however maybe this was just the searches I ran. Useful site.


www.pythonjobs is one of the largest sites focusing exclusivley on Python based positions across a rnage of companies from startups to DowJones companies

www.pythonjobshq is a pure job board agreegator focusing on Python base positions, but with a job feed directly from indeed. One point, there don’t seem to be many recent jobs that we could see.


Ruby on Rails is one of the largest sites focusing exclusivley on Ruby based positions across a rnage of companies from startups to DowJones companies


Smashing Jobs is here to help designers and developers alike to find jobs and connect with great companies. Range of jobs acorss the world.


General tech careers, search function works well, over 170,00 jobs.





Wphired focus exclusively on wordpress postions with thousands of full time, part time and even internship positions


What other technology job boards should we add to this list.

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