How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is firmly the largest professional networking website and a firm favourite job search tool to find your next job. Whether you want to network through the LinkedIn platform, reach out directly to potential hiring managers or even download your contacts information and speak to them directly, LinkedIn has this possibility.

That said, it’s not for everyone and maybe you’re happy in your position and just want everyone to leave alone. The good news, it’s possible to delete your LinkedIn account. The process itself is very easy and should take less than five minutes, however LinkedIn, will take slightly longer. They promise to remove all your data within seven days, however given LinkedIn is searchable in search engines such as Google, your public profile may still be visible in a google search for a couple months until the search engines realise its been deleted.

How To Delete Your Account

Step One – Go to and Log-in with your username and password.
Step Two – Click on “Me” and then Click on “Settings and Privacy” in the drop-down menu as shown below.

Linkedin Delete Account Steps

Step Three – Click on the “Account” Tab and Scroll to the bottom Where you’ll find the “Closing Your Account Tab”

Linkedin Delete Account Steps
Step three

Step Four – On the next page you’ll be asked to confirm your desire to close your account, and be asked for a reason why – Once finished, Click next and enter your password.

Step Four
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