11 Great Job Search Tools To Help You Find Your Next Job

Trying to find a new job can often be a really difficult process.  Job seekers either don’t have enough time because of their day-job or don’t know where to start.

Below I have outlined the top 11 Job Search Tools that will help you with your job search. Everything is included from CV advice and career advice websites, to company reviews and salary surveys.


Resunate is a CV Scoring System that helps to improve your CV for a specific job opportunity by ensuring that your CV passes a company’s ATS Programs (Applicant Tracking System). There’s a great post of lifehacker explaining more about how this software works.



Salary.com is a website that provides a wealth of information on Salaries within companies. The website allows you to search companies and find out what the average salary they pay is, or search to find out what the average salary is for a specific career or position.  This information can help you choose the right company to join.

Salary com


LinkedIn provides a wealth of information on companies, their employees and their job titles providing you with a ton of information that you can use for your job search. Networking is now made very easy given that you can easily find networking opportunities to enhance your job search.



Filling out job applications is a very time consuming process, however Live Career have created an auto-fill that helps you to save time by filling in all your basic information for each job application that you apply to. It works on all of the most popular job boards by simply downloading a Chrome extension for free.



LinkUp is a job board with a slight difference.  They only take up-to-date, verified job postings, sourced daily and directly from employer websites. This saves you time whilst making sure you’re only applying to live jobs.

LinkUp Job Search Engine


We talk a lot about building CV’s to beat Applicant Tracking Systems across this website, however how about a job board that only allows you to apply to jobs where your CV contains the right keywords.  This is jobscan.co

Optimize Your Resume and Boost Interview Chances


One of the best job search strategies is to email your CV directly to the hiring manager.  MixMax take this to the next level and allows you to track the emails that you’ve sent for openings and even CV downloads. Check out this strategy where we use Mixmax to send our CV directly to the hiring manager.

NOTE – Is’s not free, but Mixmax does offer their service beginning at $9 per month



AngelList was set up in 2010 as a way for startups to find investors to their startup.  Recently it’s expanded to include job listing for startups and has more than 24,000 openings.  We really like the search filter that allows you to filter companies that have received funding or could sponsor a work visa.

AngelList StartUp Job Board


Glassdoor is one of the best websites on the internet for company information and should be a valuable tool for your job interview preparation given the amount of company information it provides.  They also have a decent job board, but it’s the information that it the most valuable. 

Glassdoor Job Search

Idealist https://www.idealist.org

Idealist is a fantastic website for those looking for non-profit jobs and volunteer opportunities.  Currently it serves more than one million monthly users and is a fantastic resource for those looking for a new career at a nonprofit.

Idealist Job Board


Upwork is one of the best sites for those looking for freelance opportunities. Whatever you’re good at, there is someone wanting your skills, and this is a great place to find them and start building your career portfolio. 

UpWork Freelancer Jobs

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