How To Get A Job When You’re Only 16 Years Old

Like many sixteen year old kids around the world, reaching this landmark age means that you’re trusted enough to go out with your friends and have an independent social life.

The problem is you don’t have any money to do anything and therefore getting a part-time job that allows you to start earning is quite important.

Getting a Job As A Sixteen Year Old

Typically there are two steps that you need to overcome before you get your first job. Firstly, what you want to do and Secondly, overcoming the objections to finding a decent job.

Finding a job as a sixteen year old used to be very easy, however with the new rules and regulations surrounding employment mean that it’s getting harder. If you apply directly to jobs in your local recruitment agency, it’s likely you’re going to get rejected.

The Stereotypical View

Employers will have a stereotypical view of any sixteen year old that as an inexperienced child, you’ll probably get bored easily and cause their business more problems than the value that you can add.

There is also the issue of age restrictions across the world. Technically it’s legal for you to work, however the law will restrict the number of hours that you can work and in many countries, employers will need to get a specific work permit just to hire you.

While it is technically legal for a 16 year old to work in the US/UK and across Europe, the law restricts the number of hours/days that a teenager could work.

My Advice – Start Your Own Company

Below we have created a long list of potential jobs that you could easily apply to and start working, however my advice is to start your own something.

Showing entrepreneurial skills are highly attractive for future employers and they will take notice.  By starting your own business, you’re showing a potential employer that you’ve got these skills, but also that you have the motivation and drive to succeed in business in the future.

If the business takes off, it could easily give you a career for the future, if not, it really doesn’t matter, it will have no effect on your future career. Remember, starting your own business does not have to be expensive and there are potential opportunities where people have started their own business with nothing.


If i was sixteen again the first thing I would do is start my own blog.  There are many people across the world who’ve started their own blog and are now making a full time career from it.

Starting a blog not only teaches you about technology and the internet, but will also give you the opportunity to earn some money. This blog is designed as a career advice blog and therefore does not make lots of money, however there are examples across the internet of people earning enough off their blog to comfortably live on.  Don’t believe me, check out the three blogs earning reports below.

If you need help setting up your blog, click here for my introduction to blogging.

Part Time Jobs

  • Baby Sitter – This is one of the most common teenage jobs across the world. It pays well and allows you to catch up with your homework, or creating your own blog, whilst at the same time earning some spending money.
  • Gardner – Mowing the lawn is probably the most boring thing that any man has to do and therefore it’s often outsourced to one of the local kids in your neighborhood. It’s regular work and not very taxing whilst allowing you to earn money for a few hours work.
  • Handy Man – There are lots of one-man business across your city and each will require some help with their lifting or moving.
  • Removal Man – Another basic job that does not require qualifications and will suit someone young.
  • Walking The Dog – I don’t have time to walk my dog every day and most of my neighborhood is the same. As a result I employ a dog walker to pick up my dog, take it for a walk and bring it back each day. This could easily be you.
  • Data Entry – Companies often require data entry specialist to enter data into their systems. If you’re looking for an office job, this is a great way to practice your office skills as it only requires simple computer or writing skills.
  • Restaurant Staff – It’s unlikely that you’re going to be employed in a bar due to the presence of alcohol, however this should not stop you from looking at a role in a restaurant.
  • Web Content Writer – the internet is booming and content needs to be written. If you have a flare for writing, it’s very easy to get paid to write articles on your computer from the safety of your own home.
  • Music Lessons – Do you have a flare for a specific instrument? Lots of kids are getting into music and with parents happy to hire junior teachers, becoming a music teacher could be a great opportunity. I have also heard of music lessons taking place online over skype meaning that you could teach music from the comfort of your own home.
  • Graphic Design – If not a flare for music, how about a flare for graphic design or Photoshop? I often hire children to design logos or alter pictures simply because my Photoshop skills are not great. Trust me; I am not the only person who does this.
  • Life-guarding – Typically a summer job for students, looking after swimmers in your local pool is a job designed for sixteen year-olds. You will have to get yourself a CPR certificate, however this is a one day course that is useful to do and something great to know for the future.

Follow Up

Have I missed any other jobs that you did as a teenager?

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