About Me

Welcome to The Career Advice Guy, the blog that aims to help you choose, find, apply, interview and most importantly be successful in your dream job.

My name Nick Jones, I am a professional Head-Hunter with over 20 years of experience working all over the world from Europe to the Middle East and the Far East to America.

I thoroughly enjoy recruitment, I enjoy the challenge, meeting new people but most of all it’s something that I am good at.  This is not the case for everyone, i have met thousands of candidates across the years sat in dead end jobs going nowhere.

The most important part of finding your dream job, is defining what that looks like. What are you going to enjoy doing, what are you going to get up in the morning, work weekends or even pull all-nighters working to achieve the success that you want.

For me this is Head-Hunting and it means that whilst I work every hour I possibly can, actually I don’t consider this working. For me working is what I enjoy and therefore I am happy to work for as long as it takes. When deciding your dream job, you need to find something that you really enjoy doing. If you achieve this then work becomes a way of life rather than having a working life and then trying to have a life outside of work.

Once you have decided on your chosen career path, the next stage is to find your dream job. To do this you’re going to have to write a resume and a cover letter which is something that is actually very difficult to do well. Just because your resume looks fantastic to you, does not mean that it’s going to help you get your dream job. You need to learn what recruiter and hiring managers actually want to see on your Resume and make sure that it’s tailored to a specific market and role.

After your Resume is completed you then need to get your Resume out to recruiters and hiring managers. There are many ways to find you dream job, some are simple, however some are going to require some smart thinking and some work. Finding your dream role could mean heading over to your local job board and applying to a few roles, however it could also mean actively approaching hiring managers and recruiters to see if they have any roles that could be suitable for you.

The next stage of your dream job search is going to be your job interview preparation. This is honestly the most important part of the whole process. If you have been invited to interview, you have the job, however there is a chance that you could lose the job to another candidate. Hiring managers do not have time to waste on candidates they do not like therefore they will only interview candidates that they want to hire. To perform well, you need to prepare for your job interview and prepare well.

After you have achieved your dream job, the last part of the whole dream job search process is to keep this job and deal with problems that go along with working for either yourself or someone else. In every job, there are always going to be problems, however what’s important is how you deal with these challenges so you don’t risk losing your dream job meaning that you have to return to square one.

I hope you enjoy reading this website, however should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly either using the contact page or sending me an email here.

Thank you

Nick Jones