Career Zone: Five First Jobs If You’ve Just Left School and Don’t Want To Go To University

So you have just left School and for one reason or another don’t want to go to University. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and want to set up your own business or maybe you just want to get started with your career.

What’s important to remember, University offer a great platform for success, but if you don’t go to University, your career is finished before it’s really started. Across the world there are thousands of very successful people who left school early, let alone went to University.

Below are a selection of jobs that can make fantastic careers if you put your mind to it.

Recruitment Consultant

In the most simplistic terms, recruiters find a pool of qualified, open candidates that will potentially move companies in the next 12 months and a pool of clients who will potentially look to hire in the next 12 months and very simply put the two different pools together.

Recruitment is a good fun job if you enjoy speaking with people and have very good communication skills, this could be a great career for. Staring salaries are low, however a bonus on top is paid based on performance. Owning your own recruitment company is where the real money is to made with several notable recruitment companies being sold in the last few years for millions. 

To become a recruiter you do not need a degree and many companies will look at candidates that have just left college.

Air Traffic Controller

An Air Traffic Controller works with pilots helping them take off, land and direct planes around an airport safely.  Safely is the optimum word given there’re potentially thousands of passenger at risk should you make a mistake.

An Air traffic controller job is more than just a directing traffic, job given you’ll need to be aware of changes in weather, and control planes that are either taking off or have not landed yet. Imagine having to stack-up 30 planes at 30,000 feet whilst you sort out a problem below.

Going to College or University is not needed to become an Air Traffic Controller.  You will however needs a lot of patience and to be able to deal with serious pressure in difficult situations. Salaries can upwards of 150K at major airports.

Games Tester

A games tester is required to play games that are in the final stages of production and find bugs or mistakes that need to be rectified before the game is released to the public. Games tester’s will also be used to give opinions on play-ability and areas of improvement.  Whilst you’re unlikely to make millions, you could progress to become a creative games director where salaries can reach £150K.

Starting salaries for games testers are quite low at around £15k, however you will not need to go to college and potentially you don’t need to have any formal qualifications. You will however need to have a passion for computer games and enjoy spending hours and hours playing games.

Fire-fighter Job

To get a job as a fire fighter you don’t need to go to college, however you’ll need to be fit, brave and have the right personality and attitude. You’ll need to pass a medical examination that includes both an in-depth fitness test and an eye examination, however if you’re over 18, a team player and perform well under pressure, then this is no problem.

Becoming a fire fighter can earn you earn a good living given that you will be working in shifts and probably only work 10-15 days per month. Fire-fighters are also looked after very well after their retirement with full insurance being offered. Starting salaries depending on your location are around 20K.

Police Chief

To become a Police Officer in the USA you’re required to be at least 21 years of age, be a US citizen and have a valid driver’s licence, however some states will have a police cadet program that will take candidates that are below 21 years of age.  In the UK this drops to 18, and across most of Europe, its between 17 and 18 years old.

You’re not required to go to college and most countries will take you without any formal education, however you’ll will need to be physically fit and have a clean criminal record.The starting salary for Police offers is around £20K although differences do occur depending on the cost of living.

Holiday Rep

How about a job where you can work in the sun, next to the sea and on beach. A Holiday Rep will give you this opportunity and allow you earn a living keeping people organised whilst they’re on holiday.

You will usually be provided with food and boarding, however you are unlikely to make that much money with salaries around £10K per year.

Care Home Supervisor

A Care home supervisor will visit care homes for the elderly and monitor the quality of services that are being provided by staff and can train and assign work to new health consultants.

You can become a care home supervisor without having any qualifications as all training in completed on-the-job by registered nurses, however you will need to be responsible, patient cheerful and not be worried about being exposed to diseases and infections.

Casino Gaming Manager

A casino worker will be responsible for managing, organizing and controlling all gaming operations or supporting functions in a casino. Roles could include, croupier, floor manager, waitress/waiter or manager.

Working in a casino can be a physically demanding job as you can be required to stand of long periods of time in smokey rooms, and have to remain composed whilst dealing with difficult customers.To work in a casino, you do not need any qualifications, however you will need to obtain a licence from the State casino control board or agency. Training will be provided in the first few weeks on your job.

Work on a Yacht or Ship

Life on-board a super yacht is very different from a commercial ship.  The only real similarities is that you’re working on water.  Whether you’re working on a private or commercial yacht, you don’t require any formal qualifications other than a basic ocean safety certificate. 

Super Yachts are owned by billionaires who expect the best service possible.  If you’re working on a super yacht, you’ll spend the majority of your time in Monaco, Nice or Florida, serving clients with every wish they have or cleaning endless deck’s.  Salaries are high, however you can easily be working 18 hours a day supporting clients.

Working on a commercial ship is very different.  You’ll spend the majority of your time at sea travelling the vast oceans getting cargo from one place to another.  Whether it’s flat calm or blowing a gale, you’ll be expected to keep your ship heading in the right direction.  Starting salaries are low, however you’ll typically work four weeks on, followed by four weeks off.

In-Flight Service Manager

An In-flight service manager is usually found on large planes that travel all around the world and are responsible for managing the cabin staff. They’ll  deliver on-board announcements, ensure the cabin is set for take-off and landing and compile flight reports that are sent to HQ.

Qualifications needed are minimal as all flight attendant will go through a formal on-the-job training program, however there will be a back ground check and applicant will not only need to meet strict age, physical appearance and height requirements but must be able deal with stressful situations and difficult passengers.

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