Career Zone: 10 Great Entry Level Jobs You Should Consider

If you have just left college the first thing that you need to decide is what career you’re going to follow. Choosing your career can often be one of the hardest things that you will ever do in your life as effectively you need to decide a career path that you’re going to enjoy for the rest of your life.

You need to select a career that you will give you a suitable starting pay, suitable working hours, and possible promotion opportunities to help you advance during your career path. To help you begin your career, outlined below are some of the best entry level jobs that you should consider.

Web Designer

Web designer

If you are equipped with both creative and technical skills, then this entry-level job is perfect for you. You need to be up to date with technological and internet trends and advancements in order to fit perfectly here. Other important skills that qualify you for this position include the ability to work in a team to achieve a common goal and the ability to meet deadlines. As an entry-level web developer, you can earn an average salary of $38,400 per year.

Sales Representative

Sports Journalist

If you are an outgoing and competitive individual, becoming a sales representative will be a good entry-level job for you. This job is most suitable for people who are very conscious of success and can pave the way for several big positions, which includes director jobs and managerial positions. The average entry-level annual salary for sales representatives, including bonuses is about $48,700 per year.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

If creating solutions and solving problems with mathematics is a passion for you, then you should consider taking up a job as a financial analyst. The entry-level salary of a financial analyst is around $39,200, and the continuous growth in the finance world creates a lot of room for career advancements.

Public Relations Assistant

Office Administrator

If you have finely tuned communication skills and enjoy helping others, then a career as a public relation assistant will be a most appropriate entry-level job for you. Excellent writing skills, listening and editing skills are other qualities are required to succeed in this career. The average salary per annum for a public relation assistant is $42,500.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered Nurse (RN)

One job that helps you enjoy a rewarding career and utilize your social and communication skills is becoming a registered nurse. Qualified registered nurses work well as a team, find pleasure in helping other people and work well in medical fields. The average annual income for a registered nurse is $59, 000, and when you complete additional educational levels, there are several advancement opportunities available to you.


Public Relations Assistant

If you are very gifted with words, working as a copywriter can be a rewarding entry-level career for you. If you possess great communication skills, writing skills, easily understand instructions, enjoy working in a team, you will easily be successful working as a copywriter. Additionally, copywriters enjoy an average annual salary of $47,800 for entry-level positions, and the rate of advancement is quite high.

Marketing Coordinator

Residential Loan Officers

If you have a penchant for hard work, then working as a marketing coordinator will be quite suitable for you. Marketing coordinators are known to enjoy doing research, developing strategies, and understand what others need to stay motivated. If you possess these skills, then this career is for you. As a marketing coordinator, you will also be expected to understand the trends and to know which products and services are in high demands. The annual entry-levels for marketing coordinators is $41,400, and you can rise to the positions of either vice president or director.

Computer Programmer


If you enjoy working with technological gadgets, have unique problem solving skills, and can adhere to instructions very easily, then an entry-level job as a computer programmer will be most suitable for you. An entry-level computer programmer earns an average annual income of $57,600. If you work hard enough, you can rise to the position of a manager with time.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

When it comes to the graphic design industry, you will find working as a graphic designer most rewarding and fun. The industry is booming with several job opportunities. If you are very creative and work independently, you will succeed easily at this job. You are equally required to take instructions easily and stick to them and have an eye for the most intricate details. As a graphic designer, your earning potentials are quite high with an average starting salary of about $46k per year.

Para Planner

Sports Agent

The task of para planners and financial advisors is to help clients develop plans. This position entails standing in for the financial advisor when he or she is indisposed and take on big positions as the financial advisors retires. There are several such opportunities to fill in highly established firms to help you earn huge salaries, however starting salaries are around $32,300 Per Year.

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