Career Zone: 10 Cool Outdoor Jobs

For the majority of careers, you’re required to work indoors for eight hours a day, five days a week.  That said, there’re certain opportunities that allow you to build your career whilst your working in the great outdoors.

Today we’re looking at jobs and specifically outdoor jobs.

Island Tour Guide

Island Tour Guide

If you have ever dreamed of working in a paradise that has a rare sense of direction and appreciates history, being an Island tour guide does it all. There are lots of possibilities with this job as well. You can take kayak tours on a tropical river; you can ride atop an open-air vehicle while pointing out natural wildlife and volcanoes. If you have excellent customer care abilities, then this job is suitable for you, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of the area.

Golf Director

If you like spending your time on the putting green, you should consider a career as a golf director. You will be responsible for hiring pros, managing golf tournaments, and ensuring the quality of the golf course. Additionally, golf directors get the opportunity to meet important guests thereby increasing their contacts. You must have a diversity of business skills coupled with a deep love and passion for golf.

Pyrotechnic Operator

If you love star gazing and enjoying the colours as they burst in the night sky, then you need to consider working as a pyrotechnic director. You will be responsible for directing all that goes into a firework show. But, you need a special license that permits you to transport fireworks, depending on your city of residence. If you can’t convey fireworks to where they are required, then there can’t be any firework shows.

Landscape Architect

You can consider a rosy job like creating breath taking landscape designs, which can range from private floral parks to very colourful public gardens in your town. To excel in this career, you will need to possess good experience with building codes, lighting and planting, and you equally need to be the creative type.

Flight Attendant

Though most of your task as a flight attendant will be inside planes, you will get the opportunity of exploring exotic new cities all over the world every now and then. You may not need any airline experience to start but you must possess good communication skills and the physical strength to lift weights up to 35 pounds. When you land this job, you will get lots of travel benefits, which includes discounted flights or the chance to grab a free seat flying stand-by.

Parasail Captain

If you believe there can be nothing better than flying across the sky over large expanse of water, you can help several other people experience that thrill as a Parasail Captain. This job is not for everyone because it requires you spending most part of your day on water under the scorching sun. Parasail Captains need to be good at it all-from cleaning of boats to managing finances to providing customer services. You will need a captain’s license and a CPR certification.

Event Planner

Event Planner

Here you must be able to work under pressure as you will be required to handle big weddings and banquets successfully. This job will be suitable for you if you have some sense of humour and can handle multiple tasks. This is never a very easy job, but when you put in your best, you get to enjoy the benefits.

Park Ranger

As a park ranger, you will be responsible for helping others enjoy their visits to the lakeside, mountain tops, and several other such places. In the United States, the national park has up to 22,000 workers and well over 221, 000 volunteers. Apart from the requirement to pass a fitness and written exam, you will be required to have an environmental degree or relevant experience in environmental management.

Marine Biologist


Marine biologists are known to enjoy a diverse career. You will be responsible for managing natural resource infrastructure projects along the coast, educating tourists at the theme park, studying marine life under the water. You are expected to have a passion for science and a degree in a related discipline to qualify to be hired as a marine biologist. Marine biologists are equally expected to have good management and communication skills.


Life Guard

Being a lifeguard is much more serious than what you see on Baywatch. Whether on a beach, lake or pool, you will be responsible for the safety of families on picnic, saving lives, preventing accidents, etc. You will need to have a CPR certification, pass a written and swimming test, and learn lifesaving and water safety skills. There is however no denying the fact that this is the most suitable job for you if you desire to spend your days by the water and under the sun.

What are your other favorite outdoor jobs?

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