Can’t Find The Hiring Manager’s Email Address? Here’s How to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Sending your CV directly to the hiring manager is a very powerful job search strategy that has performed well over time. The idea, rather that apply to jobs from a job advert, you proactively send your CV directly to the hiring manager for review. This way, the hiring manager can make a decision on whether your right for the position, and if not, possibly there are other positions in his team that he could be considering candidates that the recruiter will not know about.

If you’ve been reading my job search strategies for a while, you will know that I am a big fan of this method to find a new job.  I have written about getting an interview at Facebook, how I sent my CV to 150 hiring managers in 30 minutes and how I got a job networking on LinkedIn. With all these job search strategies, I emailed my CV directly to the hiring manager.  I found their corporate email address using Skrapp (Sign Up Here For 150 Free Emails).

While Skrapp is very good at finding hiring managers emails, it’s not perfect.  On average it only finds 60% of hiring managers emails addresses.  The other 40% need further research using a variety of free and paid methods. You also need to make sure you’re sending your CV to the right person. If you’re a fresh grad looking for a sales job, there is no point in sending your CV to the Global Head of Sales.  On the same token, if you work in sales, there’s no point in sending your CV to the Head of Finance.

Last week, I was out talking with recruiters about this method and other job searching strategies.  One of my contacts mentioned that he had received the same CV ten times, by ten different people, none of whom were relevant.  Assuming that was spam, he blocked the candidate from every applying to another job again.

How To Find Their Email Address

If you’re looking for anyone’s email address, paid versions are the way to go.  It’s easier, has better results and as with most software these days, you do get a few freebies each month.

Skrapp –

As discussed above, at the time of writing, and this does change as new software comes on to the market, Skapp is my favourite paid software to find the hiring managers email address.  You get 150 Credits each month, however if you really want to find email, I would suggest that you upgrade to a paid plan.

Toofr –

Toofr is a top performer in the market place, however it’s very USA focused. If you’re looking for US contacts then it’s great, however for my UK and WorldWide Readers, it’s not the best.  There is a free trail, after which they will charge you $20 per month.

SellHack –

Sellhack has been designed as a lead base sales tool, however it’s also great at finding the hiring managers email address.  Performance is fantastic and whilst it’s slightly more expensive than the other two above, it does work internationally.

Hunter –

If you refer back to my time looking for hiring managers on LinkedIn you’ll notice I use Hunter a second tool when Skrapp fails.  What I really like about hunter, it not only has an email Verifier with 100 credits per months for free, but it also allows you to enter the company and understand how their emails work.  Are they FirstName “.” LastName@ or FirstName_LastName@ or something completely different.

Voila Norbert –

Another sales based website similar to sellhack above, Voila Norbert allows you to find people and send them and email.  In our case, we simply use the find people option to find potential hiring managers and their email address.

LeadFuze –

Leadfuze is one of the best tools we have tested for finding hiring managers email address’s, however it’s also rather expensive.  The minimum package starts at $69 and rises quickly.

FindanyEmail –​

This is another website based software platform that allows you to find both emails using their name and company domain or verify existing emails to make sure they’re correct.  Like the others, you get 100 free credits each month after you need to start paying a monthly subscription.

Conspire –

Conspire works slight differently to those above.  Rather than finding the hiring managers email address, it shows you who you know within your contacts, who knows that person.  The software allows you send a message within the platform to both parties.

Find That Email –

Find That email markets itself as the yellow pages of finding contacts.  What I do like about the software, you can upload lists of hiring managers.  This means once you’ve run Skrapp and exported to Excel, it’s very easy to run Find That Email through the remaining contacts no matter how large the list is.

Find That Lead –​

Another software based contact platform that allows both finding email addresses and verifying emails that you don’t know.  What we do like about the software, actually it’s very reasonable priced allowing for up to 30,000 contacts in a single month.

Find Anyone’s Email – Free

Rapportive – This LinkedIn based plugin works in conjunction with your email box and LinkedIn’s email.  The plugin works by verifying email addresses that you select based of a list of assumptions.

Email4Corporations – is an email database allowing you to enter the company name and understand how it’s email address’s are formed.  Not 100% perfect, but there are thousands of companies and their email address formation listed across this website.

Google – Enter either of the following scripts into Google to find the hiring managers email address.  Enter into Google either, “ + “name” + contact” OR “ + “name” + email”.

Mail Tester – allows you to freely verify a hiring managers email address to make sure it’s correct.  Remember, it can only be one of a few different combinations, so get trying those combinations to send your CV to the hiring manager.

Email Permutator+ – allows you find every possible combination to a corporate email address.  You could use GMass to send an email to every combination or a software like MailTester above to test each email and find the one that works.

Follow Up

If you want a new job, the only job search strategy you need today is to send your CV directly to the hiring manager.  Using the excuse that you don’t have their email address simply means that you could not be bothered to find it.

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