Career Zone: Five Jobs That Pay Over 100K Per Year

Graduate career advisers are often asked what careers pay over 100K each year. To some, having an annual income over 100,000 is their priority, however, what professions have these potential earnings.

Below are five professions where you can pay over 100K each year.

Financial Adviser's


A financial adviser works directly with clients to give them professional advice on budgeting, finance, estate planning, and talk to them about investments. While you will need to study for a few relevant qualifications, if you're hardworking and good at finding clients, it's easy to earn over 150K Per Year.

Software Developer


If you are interested in computers and programming, you should consider a career in software development. Computers programmers are predicted to be one of the highest paid and most sought-after professionals in the next 20 years. Working as a computer programmer has never been more appealing than it is at present because software companies are expanding massively. Due to a severe lack of qualified and experienced programmers on the market, salaries have increased substantially allow you to easily earn over 150K per year.

Petroleum Engineer

Oil Engineer

Petroleum engineer's are typically related to the production of either crude oil or natural gas and it's extraction from the ground.  The extraction process is very difficult and as a result candidates who in this field need a good knowledge of related disciplines to include geophysics, well logging, drilling, well engineering, and petroleum production engineering.  Generally candidates who work in this field will be degree educated in either Geology, Chemical Engineering or Mining Engineering an followed this up with extensive on-site and off-site training. Salaries are high, especially where the candidates are living in hardship location on working on a six week on, four weeks off rotation.

Radiation Therapist

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Radiation therapists plan and administer radiation treatments to cancer patients which may sound like a very complicated profession, however actually no degree needed as there is only a two year course that has no pre-requirements.  If you study and pass the course, you can start in your career as a radiation therapist.  Due to expansions in the profession, and the limited numbers of candidates who pay for the course, salaries are over 100K and can be even higher with a few years of experience.

Recruitment Consultant

Legal Assistant

Recruitment consultants find candidates for their clients.  They use all means of ideas to find candidates with a specific skill set that their clients are interested and typically get paid, when a candidate they've found, starts with their client.  Recruiters typically don't earn massive salaries, however their is huge potential to earn major bonus and commission for top performers.  Most of the major players in the recruitment consultancy market will require degree education, however it's very possible to join a smaller firm, or start-up as a junior recruitment consultant with little or no education.  

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