How to Export LinkedIn Contacts (& Then What to Do To Find A New Job) is one of the most powerful and useful tools in your job too arsenal. At time of writing, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with nearly 660+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. With so many users on the platform, its a fantastic tool for networking and for approaching hiring potential hiring managers.

Hiring Manager Outreach

My favourite job search strategy is to simply reach out to potential hiring managers that could be your next manager. This way your CV ends up in their email box, and hopefully they will make an instant decision on whether your right for their team.

To often CV’s simply end up in an applicant tracking system because your CV doesn’t fit what a recruiter has in mind for the role, rather than the hiring manager making a decision.

By exporting your contacts, you can get their contact detail (Email Address / Phone Number) and contact them directly.

Exporting LinkedIn Contacts

The first step to download your LinkedIn contacts is to head over and log in using your log in and password.

It should be noted that while we’re specifically interested in exporting our connections, you can also export other information that LinkedIn keeps such as imported contact, invitations, articles you’ve written and even LinkedIn messages.

How To Export

Once you’ve logged in and arrived at your homepage, firstly head firstly to “Me” in the top right and then secondly, click “Settings and Privacy” in the drop down menu.

Linkedin Delete Account Steps

Step Three – Click the “Privacy” tab.

Privacy Tab

Step Four – Scroll down the “Privacy Page” until you find the “How LinkedIn Uses Your Data”, heading as shown below.


Step Five – Click “Getting a Copy of Your Data” to open the final choices as shown below. You have two options, either the larger data archive which contains every bit of data you have stored on LinkedIn or select the bit of data you need – Click Request Archive and enter your password. The data can take up to 24 hours, however typically its within the hour.

LinkedIn Data

It should be noted that it’s the same process to export your LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail or into excel. In both cases your data will be sent to the email address associated with your linkedIn account. From here you can download your data connections as a .CSV file and either upload into excel or into Gmail contacts.

Now What?

Once you have your connections and their contacts details, you can start approaching them directly or indirectly. In the past, we’ve discussed using our LinkedIn network to find a connection to a hiring manager, who could put in a good word. On the same token, its also possible to email your CV directly the hiring manager.

In this example, we’re using Scrappe to find hiring managers email address and then our professional email to send them an email. However, given it’s possible to download our connections contact details, we could connect to potential hiring managers, download their contact details, and use the same method to send them an email.

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